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IEMT On-line Success - The First Ever Course and Future Courses to Come

Posted by Sonia Richards on 08/05/2020 0 Comments

I had been planning to run on-line IEMT courses for some time now and had looked a several ways that this may be best delivered. Then along comes Covid-19 and suddenly the theory needed to be rapidly put into action. The course that I had planned to run on Merseyside on May 2nd & 3rd would now have to be an on-line offering!

Already having used Skype in the past and now Zoom to work with clients,  including, Hypnobirthing groups and individual sessions classes, I was certain that Zoom would be a good platform to deliver IEMT On-line. There are    several variants of Zoom so we needed to do some research and decide on the format that would be best for a live Two Day training of a very practical course.

Fortunately my husband runs a software business in the AV and Media space, hence we know some very talented people whom we’ve have been able to work with, in order to produce a great training weekend, in addition to creating this website and the resources found here.

We invested in a lot of professional equipment, the type found in broadcast studios so that the live images and audio were of a very high qualify so that we were able to lip-sync without any latency. I also wanted to be able to show a Keynote Presentation and videos of some of the IEMT techniques. The other consideration of course was the ability for people to be able to work   together securely and practice the techniques as I was teaching them.

Much time and effort went into the setting up and we practiced several times, having included the use of green screens, studio lighting and radio mics. Our objective was to deliver a very professional training and to record the training that was of a good quality, as this was to be made available for those who   attended this training as a post course resource. As many people will go on to complete the certification process with case studies, post course exercises and written work, having these extra resources is paramount.

I remember wishing after I had initially trained in IEMT, that I had recordings of some of the techniques and the explanation of the important models and patterns discussed. Hence I decided to add value to the training I offer, by providing such resources.

In the month prior to the course, my husband and our web designer devised the idea of a new website specifically for offering on-line trainings. This went live and each delegate was able to become a member and then download all of the Pre-course materials required for the weekend. As a very special thank you to these IEMT On-line pioneers, we have made the resources available to them Free for 12 months.

Finally the weekend arrived on 2nd May 2020 and all of our hard work paid off as we ran a very successful first IEMT On-line with delegates from the USA, Australia and the UK. Zoom is a reliable program, but the success of a  weekend long training also relies on a great internet services and a lot of    attention to detail.

Some of the feedback was as follows:

Thank you so much for the training. I gained clarity and confidence with IEMT this weekend. The course was very well organised and moved at a great pace. Thanks for putting it together!” 


“I love the resources being available on the website and the resources and information you gave us are excellent. It was really interesting to meet people from so many different places. I was also surprised that you managed to keep me involved all day. I think this is quite an achievement.”


“Thank you for a great training, I learnt a lot!”


On going we will be adding many more resources, including more Blog articles, and all of our future courses will be able to be booked and paid for via this website. Those who would like to use the sites resources who may have trained in the past with either myself or other trainers will also be able to access many of the resources for a small annual fee. Those wishing to sign up for the Blog can do so for Free so please enroll on the site.

Further courses will include:

   Live IEMT Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Courses.

   We will also create courses with times more suited to the USA and Asia

   Master Classes to focus on various aspects of IEMT

   Modular based recorded on-line courses

   IEMT Coffee Mornings

   IEMT and MOM for Fertility and Childbirth

   Metaphors of Movement (MOM) Introductory Talks

   Metaphors of Movement (MOM) Level 1 & 2 Courses.

In the future we will look at hosting some expert guest speakers for Masterclasses in areas such as Trauma, Birthing, Fertility, Anxiety and Depression.

Next 2 Day IEMT Practitioner Level Course:

13th and 14th June 2020

Anyone can train in Integral Eye Movement for self development and self use, or go on to Practitioner level and two options are offered.

Option 1 - Non Practitioner Training

         For use with friends and family.

         The certificate of practice is not issued, however an attendance acknowledgment will be sent to you for CPD purposes if required. 

         This second option can be upgraded to Practitioner Level later for those who wish to do the post course assignments & case studies.

         There will be a separate fee for this as it involves several hours more mentoring by me and the watching and assessing of videoed case   studies and assessment of written work.

         Course worksheets will be available pre-course and the manual and other resources, post course.

         Post course resources will be available for Free for up to 3 months

         Fee: £265.00

Option 2 -  Practitioner Training

         This can be done straight away or you can choose to add this on at a future time.

         If you wish to become a certified IEMT Practitioner, it is important that you complete the case study and assessment process within 3 months of the course for those only needing to do only one case study to          ensure that the techniques will be fresh in your mind. Extra time is given for multiple case studies.

         You will receive some 1:1 mentoring, have your videoed Case Studies thoroughly assessed and be provided with extensive feedback on your coursework.

         Post course resources will be free for up to 12 months.

         Full Fee: £395.00

         If you want to add the Practitioner Level on to Option1 this is an additional £150.00 for Talking Therapists, £200.00 for Non-talking Therapists

On the course we will cover:

Integral Eye Movement Therapy Training

Practitioner Level - Creating Change

Part 1. Emotional Engineering

De-potentiating Imprints of Emotion With IEMT

        Introduction to IEMT

        Relevant Neurology

        Applications and Contraindications

        Visual Emotions Exercise

        Introductory Exercise and Calibration of Representational Change

        The IEMT Basic Pattern and Imprint Tracking

        Eye Movement and 3D Accessing Cues

        The 5 Patterns of Chronicity

        The 3 Pillars of Depression

        Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Time Coding

        The IEMT Integral Pattern

Part 2. Identity Re-imprinting

Updating Our Way of Being With IEMT

        Introduction to Structure of Identity

        Exploring Identity

        Discovering Patterns of Chronicity & Identity Statements in Client Questionnaires

        Four References - I, Me, Self, You

        The IEMT Identity Pattern  - The Basic Form

        The IEMT Identity Pattern  - The Integral Form)

        Physiological Respones to Trauma

        Physiological State Accessing Cues

        Changing Unconscious State Accessing

        Changing The Negative Kino-Somatic Imprints

        How to Work With IEMT in Live and On-line Sessions

        Completing the Certification Process

Entry Criteria:

The course is open to all regardless of previous therapeutic experience. Certification is awarded on completion of case studies and coursework.

Some pre-course reading will be required for all and extra case studies and some possible extra learning resource work will be required from non-talking therapy delegates who wish to become Certified Practitioners. This may include:

Chiropractics, Complementary Therapists, Dentists, EFT/EMO Pracs, Human Resources Officers, HypnoBirthing Pracs, Life Coaches, Medical  Doctors and Practitioners, Midwives, MoM Pracs, Nurses, Nutritionists, Self-Development Delegates, Teachers.

Certification Process:

Case Studies - to be performed by all who wish to obtain certification. The number will depend on your therapeutic experience.

Self Reflective Case Study - required from all delegates prior to certification.

Course work - on PTSD.

Title of IEMT Practitioner - Conferred by the Association for IEMT Practitioners. Membership of the Association is required if you wish to use the title IEMT Practitioner. Membership is mandatory in this respect and is £50 per annum.

Insurance Category - Stand Alone Modality or with Hypnotherapy & NLP.
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