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Advanced Practitioner Level Training

Posted by Sonia Richards on 06/06/2020 0 Comments

Coming Soon On-line Advanced Practitioner Level Training.

A way to hone and improve your knowledge, skills and uses of IEMT.


Advanced Practitioner Level - Maintaining Change

The purpose of this course is to enhance and advance your current level of IEMT skills. Hence there will very little time spent on basic eye movement techniques, so please ensure that you are well practiced prior to the course.

If you require a refresher of the Practitioner course I am happy to offer you a special deal on booking both courses.

What you will learn:

Part 1: Updating Kinaesthetic IEMT Models

Deeper ways of working plus new understanding an applications of the 5 Patterns of Chronicity, Emotional Pillars and the Trauma model.

  • System Thinking - Zero/Non-Zero Sum Game
  • Provocative Questioning and Session Framing
  • 5 Patterns of Chronicity in Therapeutic Work
  • 3 Pillars of Depression in Action
  • PTSD model other uses
  • Advanced Kinaesthetic IEMT questioning
  • Working with Phobias and Pain
  • Food and Eating issues

Part 2: Identity Re-imprinting and Connections

What makes us who we are - Identity, personality and beliefs. Anthropomorphised identity states; connecting to others and relationships work. Applying Metaphors work to identity issues.

  • Sleep issues
  • Advanced Identity IEMT
  • Personality Traits and Identity
  • Anthropomorphised States
  • Prounounscapes
  • Identity “Want” & “Need” Drivers
  • Connecting to Others via Identity
  • Eliciting Family Panoramas
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Movement

Entry Criteria:

Mandatory: IEMT Certification

Preferable: Membership also of the Association for IEMT Practitioners 

Pre-course Assessment: For those who I have not personally trained to IEMT Practitioner level, there may be a requirement to perform a short Q & A and/or self-reflective case study to demonstrate your use and competence at the Practitioner level with special emphasis on the 5 Patterns of Chronicity, 3 Pillars and PTSD models.

Course Fee £350.00

What you will also receive with this course is:

Pre-course access to materials and video's

Post-course video recordings of the training plus full manual and materials.

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