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The New IEMT Book UK Orders

Posted by Sonia Richards on 19/08/2021 0 Comments

Exciting times, after a long slog the Definitive Guide to IEMT is finally finished.

It will be available for UK sales from 1st September 2021.

Many thanks all of those who have helped from proof reading to graphics and editing.

A big thanks to Andrew T. Austin for enabling me to write this book.

I will be sending out these books myself so let me know if wish to have signed copy (I won't be offended if you don't, LOL!)

You can buy the book:

RRP for this book is £17.99 (Plus P&P), however I will include UK P&P with this price.

Or via the link on this site: Buy the Book

After the initial print run we will be making it available via various on-line outlets, so that those of you outside of the UK can order direct and not be tied up in customs issues.

Best wishes, 


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