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New IEMT Level 1 Course August 2021

Posted by Sonia Richards on 15/06/2021 0 Comments

A new IEMT course in August will be taking place for all who are keen in learning to use this amazing modality with Trainer, Mentor and Writer Sonia Richards.

IEMT can be used as self development and for self use as well as client work for therapists and coaches.

You will learn a new way of seeing and hearing the cues, signs and patterns that can keep people stuck in unwanted issues and sabotaging past changes.

Working at the identity level as well as the emotional kinaesthetic level enhances the what we do and enables people to upgrade and update their way of being in response to life’s challenges.

We also teach people to create an maintain change for themselves...i.e. teach a man to fish... 

IEMT is a modality that enables people to take control, not just be passive and receive ‘therapy’. The great thing is of course all of this can be achieved without the need to tell a life story or constantly discuss past events. Much of IEMT - can be CONTENT FREE.

Here is the link to the Booking page to find out more about what you will learn and the price options starting at £150 for refreshers and £265.00 for the Non-Certification option that enables you to use your skills for yourself, family and friends.

IEMT Training August Course

I look forward to meeting you on this fascinating course that helps to quickly Iron Out Life's Creases. 


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