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The Eye Of The Storm: Change Can Be Painful By: Mike Richards

Posted by Sonia Richards on 10/08/2020 0 Comments

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“Everywhere I hear the sound of marching feet, boy

Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy”

…….(Sir Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)

This article is taking a ‘Bigger Picture” perspective on where we all stand and the direction in which we are heading.  The decade of the 2020’s is one where the institutional and social cycles converge, ending in the same 10 year period. It is the period of the “Storm Before The Calm” , a period of transition from one social economic cycle to the next, a period of change. This of course has a direct correlation on the emotional cycles that are also being seen.

The institutional cycle which determines the relationship between government and society runs around 80 years. The most recent relevant 80 year institutional cycle ended around 1945, at the end of the Second World War, with the end of the cycle that then commenced due to conclude ending 2025. 

The current socioeconomic cycle  - which runs around 50 years and effects the economy and society  - started in around 1980, (the prior cycle running from 1930) and is referred to as ‘The Reagan Cycle”. In the UK perhaps it would be better known as “The Thatcher Cycle”.  

Standing back and recollecting the period immediately prior to 1980 the following are worthy of note:

Richards Nixon’s US presidency, Watergate, The End of the Vietnam War, the abandonment of the Gold Dollar Standard , the US Civil Rights Campaigns, The campaign for Equal Rights for Woman in the US, the Iranian Revolution, The Space Race plus the Escalation of “The Cold War”. 

In the UK we had economic disaster after disaster with the UK Treasury largely answerable to the IMF, the Winter of Discontent , British Leyland with endless strikes, dominant and increasingly militant trade unions, power outages and streets pilled with rat infested litter. 

The music industry was also littered with ‘undesirable’, and/or anti establishment figures such as Mick Jagger (Knighted by “the establishment” in 2002), Elton John (Knighted 1998, Awarded a “Companion of Honour” 2019, Legion d’honneur 2019), punk rocker, Bob Geldof creator of Band Aid and Live Aid for the Ethiopian famine and Knighted in 1986, there are many more. Special mention goes to John Lydon, who as Johnny Rotten, outraged the British establishment with the Sex Pistols song “God Save The Queen,” released in the Queen’s silver jubilee year, who has reportedly turned down the offer of an MBE.

As in most countries in the UK, Telecoms (BT), Utilities (British Gas, British Electric), Transport (British Rail, British Airways) were all state owned and controlled. The idea of a Personal Computer on every office desk let alone in individual homes was unimagined by most. Captain Kirk himself did not posses the computing power and constant connectivity we now carry around in our pockets every day. 

During the 50 years of the Reagan era we have experienced a rapid rate of evolutionary change from the telecoms led technology and information revolution, the end of ‘The Cold War’, The fall of the Berlin Wall and re-establishment of a wider Europe, to the liberalisation of political, establishment and social values, the increasing reliance on credit/debt, explosive asset values and polarisation of extreme wealth. We have seen the emergence of subsequent dominance of “Big Tech” in the form of Google, Apple, Face Book and Amazon who’s increasing fortunes and disproportionate control over our lives has been collectively, willingly and largely blindly gifted to them in the form of unprecedented amounts of data about our lives, habits & preferences. 

As we continue forwards through this immersive period of change, the relations between governments (“the establishment”) and societies are strained to say the least. From the election of Mr Trump in America to the Referendum result in the UK, people are rejecting the direction “the establishment” would prefer us to take. Leaders are distrusted and disliked by both of the polarised factions of the political divide and the Rule of Law is being constantly challenged. Individuals, factions and groups and even Nations appear to be undergoing an Identity Crisis and with the ever louder cries for “My Rights” and constant accusations of discrimination of every description, a clamour for increased importance or “Status” has exploded. 

Economically we are accelerating rapidly towards a debt crisis of unprecedented proportions. In response to the current Covid 19 Pandemic the printing presses of the Worlds Central Banks have been put into overdrive dwarfing the creation of fiat (Counterfeit) money supply seen in 2008/09 leading to the current decline in the value of the Worlds reserve currency, the once mighty US Dollar on the back of which the bankers have generated the largest Ponzi scheme in modern history.  World Stock Markets, in particular that of the US, started a Super Cycle Degree advance in 1932 which looks set to see it next significant peak between 2025-2027. 

We are very much “In The Eye of The Storm” which is where we will stand for some years to come. 

As individuals we cannot change the past and much if not all of the events & changes taking place in the wider world are beyond our personal control, so “below our line” in terms of IEMT and  Metaphorically we are in an Immersion as per Metaphors of Movement. 

If history is to be relied upon for guidance then we can be certain that this storm will pass and as we enter the next cycles we can look forward to both a period of calm and further, yet unimagined innovations that have unprecedented possibilities for change in our lives. How we embrace and utilise these is very much “above our line” and will determine our experience, wellbeing and happiness during the future  that lies before us all.


For those wishing to explore Socioeconomic & Institutional Cycles further then the following may be of interest:


“The Storm Before The Calm”                        George Friedman

“The Socionomic Theory of Finance”             Robert R. Pretcher


For thought provoking insights into the era of “Big Tech/Data” and what we may have to look forward to next then try:


“Life After Google”         George Gilder

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